AUTOR 2017




I'm going to participate in [ AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair 2017 ] 13-14th May in Bucharest, Romania!

AUTOR is based in Bucharest, Romania. They organize the fair and lecture, and issue AUTOR magazine.

You can see homepage of AUTOR. →

They are holding AUTOR Fair in one a year. The jewelry artist and gallery selected by AUTOR can show their works in Bucharest.

I will show my pieces of [ bloom ] series. [ bloom ] is made of STRAW. (drinking straw). I mostly use straw as material for make contemporary jewelry. I love straw works.

You can see [ bloom ] series here↓

Now I am making new pieces.I am going to update my works later.

I have never been to Romania. It is a new challenge for me. I want to enjoy this fair.

I would like to report about fair after finished AUTOR. My latest works and news is updating on Instagram. Please check here↓

wish me luck!